Monday, January 7, 2008

Australia : Down Down

Australians are the champions, in one day cricket, test cricket and non-cricket. Yes, what happened in the one of the first test matches of the new year was NOT cricket. Right from the horrendous umpiring decisions ( a whooping 11 in number) to the 'sportsman spirit' shown by the Aussies have been unprecedented. And I sincerely hope no one repeats also. This Australian team has earned the dubious distinction of being the most 'aggressive' and unfair team I have ever seen play cricket.
When you have players who nick the ball with a loud noise and still stand their ground hoping umpires would rule them not out and the same player who has clearly grounded the ball while taking a catch off the pad appeals his heart out , you know something is not right and this is not a fair game. I had high degree of respect for Adam Gilchrist as he was one of the most honest and fair player in the Aussie team but when he appealed for Dravid's pad nick which would surely be visible to the keeper, it was clear to me, this team is all out in full strength in full cooperation to win the record 16th test by ANY means. Sincere appreciations to Anil Kumble and the Indian camp who have tacked the whole issue very nicely putting across their views in a very tactical way. Till last night I thought it was 14 men against the Indian team including the 2 ground and 1 third umpire, now it is clear it is a 15 member team, including the match referee. I mean how can you give a decision without conclusive evidence. And that too on Australian charges, who have been synonymous to sledging in the past,present and the future. This is not cricket and this series doesn't deserve to be finished. Indian team should call off this series and come back home and teach Australian board a lesson. Teams like Sri Lanka, Pakistan will endorse this move of Indian team if it happens as they have also been subject to hostile reactions.

In a nut shell, the cricket has lost in this game and an over aggressive and unruly 'mob' of men has won. Winning a match is not everything. Winning hearts is more important and Kumble's men have won that.


  1. gud one natraj but remember this is common in cricket with all team and if u lose u will shout like this and all against ur favourite team remember u were a true aussies fans dont know why u changed ???
    but blaming other team when ur team is very easy it was umpires who let india down ok i agree that aussies ar agressive but this is too much ..........

  2. Yes..this is common in cricket whenever Australia is playing , the bottom line is Australia cannot lose and such a team doesn't deserve to play international cricket. Let them play among its own country and then win all the matches.

  3. Typical Indian. There is no question of dropping the series.
    Instead of cursing Aussies on how they have played. Plan on how will India as a team will cope up with this mental game and play positive cricket in the series. No news channel, no press, no experts is talking about this. Why?

  4. Mental game and all is ok. Indians have shown enuf mental toughness. If Aussies don't play in the spirit of the game, we must go to the umpires, if umpires also don't do that, then match referee, if all the three fail to take note of anything that is happening in the ground? What are we supposed to do? With bajji back in the team Indians will definitely play positive cricket.

  5. Is ICC said aussies played dirty game, has ICC said umpires made blunders? Even for removing bucknor Malcom speed said, this was done to reduce the tension in the series.

    Bajji will not be of any use in WAKKA where the ball skids and bounces like hell. Its the fastest track. What positive things will Bajji bring in?

  6. So what if ICC like the umpires and the match referee have failed to take note of the 'aggressive' behavior of Australia. Does that mean that they have played fairly. And take my words Bajji will take the wicket of Ponting again. After all to avoid his balling only Ponting had made that allegation.


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