Thursday, August 30, 2007

Bar Camp 4

As promised in one of my previous blogs, I am back with a blog about BCB 4, though late.
This happened to be my first BCB. I had some pre-conceived notions about BCB thinking it might be a place where we are enlightened in a very formal and organized way. Also, I had not registered till the previous night. So this was how I ended up reaching IIM-B at around 9 AM on both days. Climate on both of these days turned out to be at its best. Frankly and honestly I did not expect to see what I saw there. A record crowd of close to 500 people and a total informal environment. I mainly attended blogging collective talks . Apart from some sessions in start up,start up,photography and biking (cycling) collective.

Overall it was a en lighting experience and on thing is sure, I won't need anyone to call me for Bar Camp 5.

Lesser the words , the better it is.

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