Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Chennaiyil Oru Mazhaikalam

Some random thoughts on a not so random day. I say not so random because in my Chennai life so far , I haven't seen Anna University exams getting postponed due to rain in addition to schools and colleges being shut for the day. Alas! there are some souls like me who still have to work [sigh].

The continous torrential rains caused due to the low pressure bring in my mind the title" Chennaiyil Oru Mazhaikalam". This happened to be the title of the next Gautam Menon's movie after the phenomenal success of Kaaka Kaaka . Now the buzz is that this is the next movie from his camp again after the mixed resonse to Vaarnam Aayiram. Also, this will be the first time A. R. Rahman will work with Gautam Menon whose movies have been known for their beautiful songs, coutesy Harris Jayaraj. This reminds me that I am yet to see Vaarnam Aayiram.

Also running through my mind is that amidst this rainy weather is the thought that we have to go to offices. How I wonder our offices were also shut or at least we were allowed to work from home. I mean, companies should think seriously about this option. Imagine the amount of cost cutting it can achieve from transportation,electricity,AC costs and the goodwill it will gain from the employers. To take it a step further, I would suggest that each team should come to office only once in a week and hence dividing the total number of teams into 5 groups working from office on any one of the working days. This will lead to cost saving of 80%. And if this is made a permanent option then they can curtail the building costs also providing seating space for only 1/5th of the employees. Agreed that additional expenses will include giving laptops to everyone and broadband connection but I guess most of the companies already have internet allowance as a part of their monthly salary and computer buying option as a part of the total CTC. Hope, someone who can take such decisions reads this.

Another thing to be felt happy about is the very fact that my company has transportation. Otherwise, coming in public transport or own vehicle in this rain would have been a mountain to climb.

Good that there are no matches scheduled in Chennai these days , otherwise the list of matches being washed out in Chennai would have got another entry appended to it.

The rains also remind me of my childhood days in Bhubaneswar where it used to rain cats and dogs and once we could not see sunshine for 7 long days.

Hoping to see sun again soon.