Monday, June 16, 2008

Chose this Happiness :In the pursuit of Happiness

Sometimes simple things impresses you the best. Amidst the hype surrounding Dasavatharam, I watched a simple and moving movie. "In the Pursuit of Happiness" starring Will Smith and many others. Though it is quite an old movie but I got the chance to watch it this weekend only. And indeed it was worth all its praises I have heard from friends. For me the highlight of the movie was the narration and the dialoghes. It goes on to prove that you do not need path breaking graphics and animation to make a wonderful movie or you don't need a very complex narrative beating user's intelligence every now and then to make a brilliant movie. It's simple but poignant tale makes an excellent watch. It is the story of triumph of human aspirations and hope.
There are no unexpected twists and turns in the movie, 15 minutes within the movie you know what you are gonna see in the movie but it is the way it has been portrayed on the screen wins your heart. Each scene in the movie is a beautiful piece of art but the one that scores for me is the one where Will Smith baffles his son to seek solace for a night inside a public toilet.
The movie watching experience is summed up nicely by Will Smith himself in the climax where he says " This .. this very little part of my life is called Happiness".