Monday, May 19, 2008

This Kuruvi should be shot down! Immediately

If I am blogging amidst my really busy schedule , there must be really a very strong reason for that. And indeed it is. On Saturday I was subjected to Nazi style of torture for 3 hours the difference being that I was the one who voluntarily chose to be subjected. Now if you want to escape from the same self-subjugation , please go thru this.

On Saturday morning I gathered enough courage to watch the latest Vijay movie Kuruvi. Not that I remember too much of this horrible movie to share with you , but surely I can share with you the torture I experienced. The movie begins with an amateurishly shot car race scene. Vijay's histrionics during this scene make u cringe in the seat. But if you thought you had enough, the film proves you wrong. Vijay lands up in Malaysia in search of a "Kocha" as Kuruvi only to beat up the goons in their own bar. Somehow the movie drags till the portion where Vijay discovers the truth about his father and "Kocha". From here the second half of the movie talks about how Vijay single handedly lands into the villians's fort to kill him and free his father. Running parallel and rather uninterestingly is the love track between Trisha and Vijay. It is really hilarious when Trisha compares Vijay to Mask of Zorro Antonio Banderas. Director should have portrayed Trisha as playing a blind character or a mentally retarded person to justify this comparison. The long drawn action sequences and the gory violence in the second half only goes to prove the movie ends on the same note as it began. There is nothing , absolutely nothing watchable in this movie. Vijay is his usual self not showing any sings of improvement. All villains act as if they are not going to act in future and they want to finish all their acting dues in this same movie. Trisha is as horrible as ever. Songs and their placements the lesser talked about the better. Vivek is horribly wasted.

To sum it up, instead of seeing this movie in a AC hall, you can bake yourself in the Chennai's hot sun blazing down at 43 degree for 3 long hours . At least you will end up making up some Vitamin D for yourself.