Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The joy continues!!

Back to back..this is my second post on cricket which shows I am excited. Yes I am indeed. T20 cricket fever is catching. The new format of the game the twenty twenty cricket or T20 cricket is a fun to watch . With matches ending in about 3 hours we are guaranteed full entertainment. For the first time cricket appears more to be a team game than individual game. Players no longer bother about their personal milestones of 50s and 100s. With more importance to all rounders and team effort this appears like a corporate culture using the scrum model. After a lackluster world cup of 2007 ( not only because of India's early exit but because no team dared to challenge aussies) we have this T20 world cup is a good break. Just when we thought aussies supremacy is over after their humiliating loss to Zimbabwe , we saw them bouncing back with victories. When we thought they had found their way back they suffered a surprise loss to a determined Pakistan yesterday. With "minnows" like Bangladesh and Zimbabwe putting up a good show, one thing is guaranteed, T20 world cup will be entertainment and pure entertainment.