Friday, October 24, 2008

mundinam parthen:indru thaan ketten

I listened to the song "mundinam parthen" from the latest Gautam-Harris combination movie "varnam aaayiram" and this blog is dedicated to that song. Now, let me make some things clear, this song is not the best one I have ever heard or probably the best I will ever hear but still, this happens to be my first blog about a song. Before you close this page, let me go to the topic.

This song undoubtedly one of the best I have heard in recent times. The song begins with a small prelude and then guitar takes over eventually giving the reins to the singer Naresh Iyer who takes the song to great heights as usual. Soft guitar follows the song throughout along with the beats and the saxophone piece played out in between stanzas is something which is very novel and great from Harris. Never before I have seen him handle saxophone and guitar so nicely.

The song leaves a lasting impression and is definitely addictive. The lyrics by Thamarai is at its usual best and this one is a super romantic song ably in the subtly of the words and feelings expressed. To me this song is a winner all the way and find some space in my heart and my new ipod for a long time for sure. And I am sure, the video should be equally exciting.

Link for the song: Click here