Thursday, February 26, 2009

delhi 6 : A pleasant journey

Delhi-6 happened to be one of the most eagerly awaited movie for me this year and I managed to catch it during the first weekend of its release. Amidst all the contrasting reviews for the movie(mostly terming it as a boring personal movie) , I found a simple and likable tale in this movie. The movie is very different from the average Hindi film. There are no main and sub characters in the movie. All characters have equal footage and it is the simplicity of these characters that scores for me. The scenes also are very simple and look to be straight out of life. Take for instance, the scene where hero and heroine meet for the first time, there is no slow motion, there is no showing the same scene from 3 different angles and there is no background score specially for the scene, the scene comes just as another scene in the movie. This realism is what I liked in the movie. The movie is about the two sides of human personalities, the good and the evil and the way we switch from one to the other at the slightest chance. The situations on which the good and bad come out seem very simple and childish but a look into ourselves will tell that this is exactly what we have been doing, reacting to very simple situations. It rightly shows the way media feeds on the news created by them and the way rumor mills work overtime always in India . The movie has terrific music, beautiful photography and some very good acting from one and all. Except for the climax which appears cliched and artificial the movie is a treat to watch. Overall, the movie catches and grows on you slowly like a typical ARR song.