Monday, December 1, 2008

Voice of the common man

With the investigations revealing newer truths daily into the Mumbai war, as the media has chosen to call it, the common man has many grievances to report. Some of them in my list:

  • No resignations please. No, you cannot run from your responsibilities. If you have screwed up something, you need to stand back till it gets fixed. Running away from responsibilities cannot be called "Taking moral responsibility". Work under pressure till you close the case and then offer to resign. I am sure this resignation is a holiday in disguise and this whole drama would be forgotten when it comes to election time again.
  • No movies on this war please. I remember the movie "Shootout at Lokhandwala" about one such real life incident where the terrorists were given real life caricatures and it was one of the roles of a terrorist who walked away with all the laurels. Hence, NO movies on this.
  • Keep media away from the actual sit of the operation. With unrestricted access to the place of operation, in addition to projecting the forces as heroes (which is commendable), it also provides accurate and classified information on TV of the hideouts and operation details which are accessible to everyone including the terrorists bosses who can communicate with them very easily and hence, aiding the terrorists in turn. This was depicted very clearly in the movie " A Wednesday" where the protagonist shows clearly how the media can be used to gain accurate information of the operation.
  • Stop ALL ties with Pakistan. With more and more evidences showing a Pakistani hand, we need to stop all sort of ties with Pakistan. Stop all Samjhauta Express trains and buses, imports,exports (including movies,songs and artists), cut off all cricketing and any other sporting releations with them. To go a step further, with the power BCCI has over the ICC it can threaten to boycott any series where Pakistan participates hence, meting out a South Africa like treatment to Pakistan to make it loud and clear to the world "Enough is Enough". Some of this was done after the attack on the Parliament. This is bigger attack than that , then why not this time.
  • Stricter laws dealing with terrorists is needed. Mercy petition from terrorists should simply be thrown like the files which are stacked up in the Govt. Offices. Terrorists must go through a spine chilling experience before they even think of attacking India. Terrorists should not be turned into heroes. No. Not even their names should be reveled to public. They are anti-social and should be dealt in the same way.
  • Take the warnings seriously. The warnings from ATS and other investigating agencies are not mere "instincts". Also, I fail to understand how did they enter so easily through the sea with the presence of so many coast guards and navy fleets in and around Mumbai. Imagine if it is this easy in a place like Mumbai how easy would it be along the long coastlines of Gujarat where there is nothing apart from the marshes of Kutch.
These are the voices echoing inside this common man. Lets hope at lease some of them are heard!