Monday, December 3, 2007

The Negotiator: Book Review

This is first of a book review which I am writing. And the book is "The Negotiator" by "Frederick Forsyth". The book begins off rather slowly giving us a backdrop of the cold war and how the two superpowers US and Russian Govt. are trying to patch up and sign a treaty of disarmament. Meanwhile it introduces us to a set of people spread across continents who will be destroyed by this treaty. The kidnapping of a young oxford student happens next which catches you unaware. The real drama begins when the master novelist discloses the identity of the kidnapped boy. And it is from here that the novel picks up amazing pace and generates immense interest. The character sketch of the negotiator is truly awe-inspiring. And he lives up to all the characterization till the very end proving that he is one of the smartest. The novel again reaches its peaks in its penultimate pages and a thrilling climax gives a fitting end to a masterpiece.

I won't call this the best book I have ever read , but it is definitely one of the best. This is the first book by Frederick Forsyth I have read, and am planning to read many of his books now. I am hoping all of his works are equally appealing. People with a taste for thrillers and politics and with considerable amount of patience, recommended for you!