Thursday, July 5, 2007

CNN-IBN Blog: down down2

This is in reply to the below blog in CNN-IBN.

To answer your questions one by one:

1)We agree that you did not review the film. may be you are not supposed to do also. but you have no rights to call all those who waych sivaji pigs. including yourself into that category doesn’t make it any less offensive.

2)It is not about the regional films thing. just one question on this. which is the film in any god forsaken language which generated this much hype.which was multiplied by all the news channel including CNN-IBN.

3)We are not only protecting Rajnikanth the person. We are out there to protect Rajnikanth the actor as well. For your kind information Rajnikant is a very good actor. If you want proofs for this I would suggest you watch some of the old movies by Rajnikant (for your kind information Rajnikant has also won national awars) and in Sivaji also he has done enough hard work at the age of 58 and the mere fact that the entire movie stands on his able shoulders shows his status.

4)If you can call all who watched Sivaji as pigs then you better watch out and protect yourself from these pigs.

5)Making money is not a bad thing for films and if you are of the belief that whichever movie is not making money is good then i am sorry you are in an absolute minority. The very logic behind pointing out that Sivaji made money was that it has reached so many people and so many people have liked it to watch it shelling out so much money from their pockets.

6)You can understand the story of the movie without knowing Tamil, agreed. But what about the dialoghes of the movie and the healthy comedy track of the movie. If you don’t know that dialoghes are the highlight of a Rajnikanth movie then I am need to do some more homework before you see a next Rajnikant film.

7)Well at least now you appreciate things. Thanks. The same energy is being shown by Rajni and all those who were a part of Sivaji. Pls try to appreciate them as well.

8)Well we agree and sincerely hope this is true.

Pls try not to hurt in future.

CNN-IBN Blog: down down

This post is in reply to the below post from CNN-IBN.

Once upon a time there was an excellent news reporter named Rajdeep Sardesai. He split ways with NDTV to start a new news channel amidst huge expectations. After seeing him in NDTV people hoped here was a TV channel which they could relate to and which will speak the truth.

But alas, how wrong were they….. After their site ratings fell after the abhi-ash wedding news died off. They chose a rather cheap gimmick to gain back their popularity. This event happened on July 02 2007 when a blog writer from, Anuradha Sengupta(now fondly called as pig in the replies to her blog) was chosen to be the scapegoat for this cheap gimmick.

They put up a review of tamil movie Sivaji. There is nothing wrong in reviewing a movie and putting a bad review to it but what was disheartening is that the esteemed lady does not understand Tamil and she chose to see the movie in a theatre with no subtitles. Which means she could not understand the head and tail of the movie. Moreover, the language she used and the way she has brought out her so called “frustration” is really disgusting and is not expected out of a respectable news channel

But then, after giving it a thought and after waiting for a day, we got to understand the real purpose of the blog. By wednesday July 03,2007 the number of replies to the blog stand at 965 . Now a computer prodigy can tell as to how much traffic this could have created in the site. Hence, in a day due to Sivaji the popularity of the site grew . So apart from the 150 crores sivaji is supposed to make, this goes as an additional credit to the movie.

A small request to In future if you want to increase the traffic , we have some other wonderful suggestions which cannot be disclosed in public. There are lot of sites which generate more traffic .( Hope you got which sites we mean here).

A rotten apple spoils the entire basket. Hope, continues to remain what it was a couple of days back.

Sincerely hope none of the other news channel follow suit.

Kanaa Kaanum kalangal: Lets dream

For all of us school life happens to be a very cherished part of life. For some like me that happens to be the best part of life. How we wonder we could re-live those moments now almost 7 years after it was over. Well.. for those of who , who feel this way and those who understand tamil to relive those wonderful moments though with new set of characters whom you can identify with.

For those who do not know what I am talking about here.. I am referring to a tele-serial being telecast in vijay TV mondays to thurshdays 8 PM , very promptly named " Kana Kanum kalangal" which roughly translates to "Period when we dream". Well its really strange for me to run to house from work early just to watch this program but here I am doing it. The serial has characters everyone will identify with during their school days. It has situations which all of us must have undergone some moment in our schooldays. It has gangisms,competition,jealousy,love,hatred,friendship etc. etc. and each of these you can associate definitely with. Apart from the main characters of the serial who are split into two self-formed groups always competing against each others and pulling each others legs, we have an entire set of supporting cast who play the roles of teachers,parents and some other small roles like the policeman etc. And everyone excels in their performance. My personal favourite being Pandi(black pandi as he calls himself), with him on the screen it is a laugh riot all over and you forget all the tensions which you carry home from work. The dialogues are well written keeping and observing the present student community in mind. The characters have become so famous that they have started getting chances in movies. We have characters from affluent families and we have characters from families of very modest means to put it mildly . We have characters from a highly intellectual family to a family of grocery shop owner. We have divorced parents to a orphaned girl being adopted by adorable parents. Hence, with limited characters ( in comparision with other mega serials where there is a new character every week to keep the show running) this show strikes the correct chord with all.
The best part of the serial is the delicate balance which it strikes. There has to be someone bad to showcase someone as being good. But showing school children in bad light can have adverse effect on the children.This is handled very nicely by just giving grey shades to characters and that too with some sort of ( though not completely convincing) justifications, which tells us a major lesson of life that none of us is perfect. It is the situations which bring out the real character in us.
To give further details will be like giving away too much. I would recommend this to all who want to re-live their school life once again through these characters. But please don't watch it without knowing Tamil as you will not be able to appreciate the dialoghes and its beauty.Lets get into dreams... and dream about the most wonderful part of our life..with open eyes though.