Thursday, February 28, 2008

Rules change in cricket

On behalf of cricket Australia  I propose the following changes to the cricketing rules  to enable Australian players and teams to continue their winning ways.

*) Any bowler who picks more than 10 wickets in any series in Australia will be treated with rotten eggs and will be boo ed by the crowd.
*) Any player who responds to aussie sledging must be immediately banned for at least 3 matches.
*) Any comment which an Australian player makes is made in the spirits of the game as it is "fun" and any comments from the opposition is NOT.
*) No team can beat Australia in Australian soil, even if they manage to do that , for the next match three of their main players should be dropped or banned from playing.
*) No opposition team can lodge a complaint against any Australian player.
And finally these set of rules come to effect immediately and these will be modified and new rules added with each match and each series with the sole consent of Australian cricket team and board.

Welcome to the new world of domination in cricket by Australia!!!