Tuesday, November 20, 2007

muziboo.com: Music everywhere

Have you ever felt like making people listen to your composition? But could not find people who give honest feedback on it. Here is a site muziboo.com where you can share your music, rather upload it for users to listen to it and comment on it. There are groups,bands of common interests . To upload music all you need is a login account which takes 15 to 30 seconds depending on your name length and your typing speed to create. Once you are done with this, you are all set to harass people with your compositions. The look vise, a rather plain and sober pretext for such a musical site, but you won't complain as it is really fast to load. Song quality also is good. I listened to couple of songs and to tell you what, they were not at all bad. Good going guys!!

So next time you have to show up your music talent you know where to hit.

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  1. Hi Natraj,

    Thanks for signing up and trying out our service and writing about us in your blog. We are working very hard to improve the service (such as the UI etc) and I am sure you will find some great content to listen to in the future too.

    You can always embed the music you like in your blog to share it with your readers .... do try it out sometime ...

    Prateek Dayal
    Co-founder Muziboo.com


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