Friday, February 8, 2008

IT crash

Is the IT dream over? This question is pondering on everyone's mind. With the dollar values refusing to surge ahead, this is very much a valid question. If any such thing happens, IT is all set to become the most scary profession to take up. The IT companies and Govt. of India who have reaped out so much benefits from the industry should have some moral responsibility to bring it back to track. Companies have made such huge profit during hay days and now it is time to pay back. It is time they adjust with slightly lower margin of profit. As for the Govt., it should take some economic steps like some more sops for the industry to keep it alive. They should just think about all the employment IT has created for the country and the whooping amount of honest tax payers who belong to this sector.

Finally, we the IT people, should be ready for any inevitable change and be prepared with our armors on.

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  1. Natraj,
    There are some darks theory behind this. It is not the IT alone which is getting affected. All the fields which depend on US export will get affected. The main problem being the chances for economical resurrection that US will face. If that happens, IT, Textile, etc will get greatly affected. Also, the share market will make another 1000s of people to be bankrupted.

    The root cause may be the war US is taking against Iraq and other countries, which make US to have economical imbalance and which in turn will affect the dollar value, etc.

    Indian government can not do anything about this. Only US government has to take actions for that.

    [okay... romba pesiten... next meet pannuren]


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