Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Banes of reservation

It is shocking to say the least that supreme court has passed the judgment on the reservation row  justifying the 27% reservation for "Other backward class" in educational institutions. I fail to understand how this reservation is going to help the real "needy". If a person from the OBC can make it to an engineering institution then I don't think he is backward enough to be given reservation for entering into IIMs. And I do not see how this will help the really backward villagers to gain their primary education and forget IIM, at least  attain a matriculation. I am not completely against reservation.( Though this may sound cliched, this is the truth.) Reservations need to be made on the economical status and the residential status . I have personally seen in my own Govt. Engineering College seats from ST rural going vacant which clearly says that people over there have not risen enough to attain education upto Class 12th. How will reservations in Engineering Colleges and AIIMS help is anyone's guess.

Consider this:

  • One out of every 2 students passing out of IIMs henceforth, doesn't deserve in the first place to be there.
  • If the power hungry political parties have their say, this is going to be true with all the Engineers graduating out of India when the same law is passed for private Engineering colleges of India. This wil in turn increase the money laundering done by Private institutions in the country.
  • More and more patients will die due to doctor's negligence and more and more bridges will collapse because of the quality of doctors and engineers graduating out of our country .
  • With outsourcing industry already facing threat from other countries and US election promises, this will hit India further.
  • IITs,IIMs and other premier institutes will surely lose their global recognition though not immediately.
  • This step will further boost the confidence of the political parties to introduce reservations into Private sector Jobs as well
Well , Have I written anything path breaking here. No, all of us know this and realize this. But none of the political parties dare to raise their voice against this injustice fearing to lose the  vote bank in an election season.  The only relief I see here is a clause in the judgement which says that this needs to be re-considered every 5 years. Lets hope this nightmare lasts for only 5 years.


  1. Nothing will happen Natraj, absolutely nothing will happen. After 5 years, it may be asked to increase the percentage (if another election is going to come by that time :)). I especially like this sentence which I read in our company: *Prepare and Prevent rather than Repair and Repent*. Things like this have to be prevented. It could never be repaired. Never. Sorry to sound so skeptical... I am a nihilist and I don't feel bad for that. These politicians dare to say: "Hey... how dare you plan to increase your drinking water capacity in your state... you shall all die... I wont give water to harvest or to drink. I also wont accept that you take steps to improve.". They may even sue the clouds which bring water to other states to gain votes from their people. As long as we have politicians like them, don't think good things will happen.

  2. hi this is hari natraj's brother read ur comment it was superb really . I was thinking the same way as u were .
    though we cannot do anything aginst this judgement or these junk politician ruling the country .This needs some effect like rang de basanti that india gate style or after five years again the percentage will increase and india will be still a developing nation .

  3. the above commemt was @amudhan


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