Thursday, May 29, 2008

Book review of "3 mistakes in my life"

With huge expectations I grabbed the third book by the author Chethan Bhagat titled " The 3 mistakes in my life" within weeks of its release. Here is what I felt about it.

What I liked
  • The book is written in typical casual Chetan Bhagat style which makes the reading a wonderful experience.
  • The characters are next door characters to which we can easily relate.
  • The way Chetan describes certain events and characters is absolutely mouth watering. We somehow start aspiring if we could be there in that situation.
  • IT surely makes a compelling read. It is undoubtedly a book which cannot be put down before finishing.
Now to what I did not like

  • Just to sensationalize things certain characters and events have been penned. That looks amateurish.
  • It is like a typical bollywood movie with doses of romance,action,humour and even it has characters traveling abroad. It has long drawn action sequence as well.
  • The flow is not natural at places.
Overall, it surely is a good read but I found it to be no where near five point someone by the same author.


  1. Thanks 4 d review...hv 2 read it smetime..

    but still i am not able to digest "one night @ d call center"..

    as u said v would always be comparing his books with his masterpiece 5.smeone

  2. @Vignesh: I do not know you, but if you want a real good advice, please do not ever think of buying or reading this junk book.

    @Natraj: I am really sorry da, but I have to strongly disagree you; this book is a total junk. This is the first book I am reading from Chetan Bhagat and I am now afraid of thinking of reading his other books. May be I do not have that much literacy to enjoy this book, but of all the 49 books I have ever read, this is the junkest and I am afraid I would ever be able to read a junker book than this. I am stopping as much friends of mine as possible not to read this crap. After all, opinion differs and taste differs. If you have time, check out my blog why I hate this junk so much. I could state few more reasons why this junk is a definite junk. Australian sports secratary wishing that Ali be born in Australia in next life and Ali delivering patriotic dialogues... my god... it sucks... let me stop here. Please let this comment be posted. Please let some innocent souls in the world escape from the ordeal of reading this junk. [The reason I am so angry is that, Chetan saying in a sense that he is the most admired author of India and that he prefers to be the most beloved author of India. I am even planning to send a personal mail to Chetan stating how junk is his book]

    ever your fan,

  3. @Amudhan
    Didn't expect such strong reactions from you dude. I agree to you to certain extent but I will try to point out some things which worked out for me. First, being the fact that the hero the main protagonist of the novel is not a superhero or a winner all the way, he is a duffer in his own ways and thats something good. And also some of the romantic moments like getting the sand from the australian beach.


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