Monday, July 7, 2008

BSNL land line and broadband story

If I was found searching for antonym for the word "service" on my desktop wordweb , the credit goes to BSNL. First the broadband stops working for no reason and no one picks up at the customer "service" center. When contacted to one of the agents whom we knew, he gave all stories(not solutions) possible by him. Like reconfiguring the router and changing password etc etc. Finally when we were able to raise a complain we came to know that the problem was that the phone number was itself gonna change and without any prior notice and without any change to my physical address. The reason being that some exchange is being changed. So now here I stand with a new changed phone number and I have to inform all my relatives and friends of the change. Whats more taxing is that this is the phone number which is updated in all my previous employers,passport and all other important documents. As of now when called to the older number they redirect to the newer number by a message, but I am not sure how many months that message will be played.

And by the way the antonym for service happens to be a simple "disservice".


  1. Thats bad Nat. Try updating your contact details where ever possible. Never late than now.

  2. In case of Reliance, we lost net connectivity for paying the money on the last date. You keep raising complaints, they will keep closing it resolved (without solving it). You will have to fight, plead, threaten, cry, etc. to get your request resolved (of course, all through STD calls). It is not only BSNL, it is the fate of India. No one cares for people. No customer care will care for us unless, there is money involved in it favouring them. Bull shit!!!

  3. It's not just telecom services that are so pathetic even car & bike servicing is very much the same. You have to threaten call their manager, manager's manager... and inform the entire hierarchy still they don't do it. It's in the blood and their attitude. Can't be changed over night.


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