Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Vennila Kabaddikulu: Movie Review

Warning: Spoiler ahead. Details of the plot and twist revealed.

Vennila Kabaddikulu happens to be one of the progressive movies in the Tamil industry by one of the directors who have now started to think beyond the obvious. The plot , or the absence of it , is filled with such twists and turns which the viewer would not have expected at the least. The movie is character driven and moves along only with the help of some situations and the reactions of the various characters. Some scenes are certainly worth speaking about, for instance the way the friendship between the bus driver and hero develops and the scene where the heroine is scared of the dog. The movie gradually shifts its focus to the kabaddi game in the second half and those portions and the nuances of the game are portrayed well. The photography,music,background music ,performances and the comedy are all first rate.

The only sore thing for me in the movie is its climax. I mean, it seems to be forced in. There is no logic for the hero to die while playing a kabaddi match and it ends on a jarring note which is otherwise a smooth narrative. One feels happy when all the problems hero faces vanish , call it luck or due to humility of the hero but in the name of a final twist at the end , the director gives a sour taste in the mouth which otherwise is a delicious watch. I beleive the director got carried away in his intention of giving twists and got inspired by the recent village based filcks which all had a tragic end to it.


  1. Hi there,
    i always read the reviews and the personal experiences of yours.
    great work ... keep rocking ... VKK review is also good only thing i will say like u can avoid revealing the the twists of the movie which will keep me glued to the seat ... now that i know hero is dying at last i wont be enjoying this movie that much ... now the suspense is revealed for me

  2. Exactly, I had the same feel when I left the theater after the climax.. Why a sad ending.. the Film did well for the most part of it.. yes tragedy happens.. but not every time, every movie now a days.. it started to become a wrong trend..

    Nice write..

  3. @anonymous

    Sorry .... I have added a warning now..Usually I do not reveal the story or the twist but this ending deserved to be mentioned due to obvious reasons highlighted in the blog.

    And please leave out your name and id..So that I know who is the one reading my stuff. Thanks.


    Very true.

  4. nice sweet review.i usually have no patience with reviews:D,i read yours though :D

  5. Usually, when the review has spoilers, it is revealed in the title itself. I didn't see the warning and read through it and felt 'oh... he hero dies??? why did Natraj say that'. Then I read the comments and got to know that you have added a warning. Shame on me, but you have to expect the dumb guys (like me) also to view your page ;). Would try to watch the film though, at least for the Parota comedy :D

  6. Sorry guys for spoiling the suspense of those who haven't watched the movie yet. I usually do not reveal even the storyline but I wanted to highlight the wrong trend of ending all such village based movies with a sad ending in the blog and hence had to reveal the ending.

  7. Hi Nattu,
    You don't have to worry about that and there is absolutely no need to apologize. Your concern is honest and realistic. Appreciate that. Keep rocking!

  8. to add a information about the movie .. i heard it is true story and the hero dies because of misalingnment of heart.


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