Thursday, April 2, 2009

Is India ready for Nano?

Nano has been unveiled in India amidst huge hulla and it has all the build up for a blockbuster. But, IMHO India and Indians are not yet ready for Nano. Why? Here are the reasons:
• Indian roads and infrastructure are not yet ready for something like Nano. Imagine people buying a pulsar today buying a Nano(cost difference being only around 25k) and driving it instead of Nano. Even though the car is just 3 mts in length and has a turn radius of 4 mts it still is much more than the volume occupied on road and parking lots than of a pulsar. Considering the current scenario of traffic in India and the number of two wheelers getting registered daily, the image I see terrifies me.
• Indian social and economic climate still considers cars as a mark of luxury and not a necessity. In fact, Indian climate is also conducive to the fact that cars are not necessary.
• If we go by the logic, that each guy buying a pulsar buys a Nano, then the requirement for petrol will double assuming Nano delivers the promised mileage of 25 kmpl. This indeed is not a good news for already fuel crunch country India.
• There are claims that this is the birth of Indian technology and that it is a great step for India in the field of technology. I agree, but there are many other spectrums where India can and has to prove its technological power. Let us concentrate on those areas.
• I am no auto expert to be writing this comment. But from what I read and heard from my friends, the car design is not very good in case of any unforseen event of it crashing. The front hardly got any mass to tolerate the impact of the collision and hence, it can be fatal for the driver.

I do not mean to crash all those having a Nano dreams. All I want to say is it is a no no for Nano from me.


  1. I am also not an expert in automobiles, but here are my views.

    1) Not everyone would prefer a car. I think those who wants to buy a bike would buy a bike only. Only those who want to buy a car and not having money would go for Nano, IMHO

    2) People would be aware of the fact that petrol would be scarce and use it wisely, IMHO.

    3) If safety comes into picture, then Maruti Omni should be extinguished from the world :)

  2. just now i have been to orissa
    it is one of the states where people dont have higher income compare to the other states. but to my astonishment 7 out of 10 persons whom i have meet , they told that they will go for Nano. they tell a simple logic ..." when i can buy a bike why not go for a car, in which my whole family can travel".I just cann't imagine chennai roads after july(Nano will delivered after july).

    Other reason what natraj mentioned is very true, that it doesn't have front ingine to absorb any kind of impact. Good initiative but i have my doubts about the future of Nano.

  3. I'm not sure if India is ready for nano, but this blog certainly is ready for another post!write soon :)

  4. I think the NANO project should have first tasted the waters in some very small province , area or country . Once if it would have gained mementum it could have been thought for a large scale implementation .


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