Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Life rolls on...

Life's been rolling on. To say I have been busy with work would be a false statement ,but yes I was busy with so many other things. One after the other, the twitter bug and now the linked.in and lastly facebook bugs have had their toll on my blogging time and hence, could not write in earlier. So here I am giving an upate on whats been happening all these days.

I have suddenly realized the immense free time we have during weekends and am trying to put it to some good use apart from dozing around and spending time watching movies. Not that I did not watch any during this time. In fact I watched some very good movies. Subramanyapuram, yeah I know, but I could watch it only now, is indeed a path breaking movie in all aspects. Superb. So was Nadodigal a new phase in tamil cinema , I would say; Love aaj Kal, well it is like a chat item at your favourite shop, you know it would be good and it was good , only that nothing in it was original; Angels and Demons, though I am no big advocate of the story itself, which I feel is very meek in comparison with Da Vinci code, the movie though was watchable; Hangover, one of the most hilarious English comedies I have ever seen, though I don't watch many english comedies, I just missed the company of people I would have loved to watch this one with.

As for ashes, it is always there to thrill me. I somehow predicted the outcome of the last test match that Aussies will win it. But I never thought it would be this big. Now I think Aussies are all set to win ashes or at best retain the ashes. For me, England do not have the fighting spirit to pull back things from here. Just hoping Freddie gets a good farewell.

Things like 63rd independence day celebration and Shahrukh Khan being detained at the airport and all the media hulla surrounding it, well I felt there is no need to sensatinoalize either of these and there are other pertinent issues in the country which deserved more attention.

That's it from me.


  1. But you never said what you did to use your weekend in a good way (other than watching movies)???

  2. Hope, the company about which u were saying to watch hangout included me n bobby.....,
    and let me knw whether i can get subramanyampuram and Nadodigal with subtitles. ur movie choice has always been fantastic. my recommendation is plz watch Kaminey. no no not photo of me n bobby, but the movie kaminey.

  3. @amudhan: Will update the task to u sometime when we chat. :)

    @soumik: Yes of course, the company I expected was u guys only. And yes Subramaniyapuram and Nadodigal are awesome in their own ways. You can find both on youtube full movie with english subtitles. Also, in case you don't know nadodigal is being remade in Hindi. Kaminey is one movie which i am dying to see and am watching it this sunday.


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