Thursday, July 5, 2007

CNN-IBN Blog: down down

This post is in reply to the below post from CNN-IBN.

Once upon a time there was an excellent news reporter named Rajdeep Sardesai. He split ways with NDTV to start a new news channel amidst huge expectations. After seeing him in NDTV people hoped here was a TV channel which they could relate to and which will speak the truth.

But alas, how wrong were they….. After their site ratings fell after the abhi-ash wedding news died off. They chose a rather cheap gimmick to gain back their popularity. This event happened on July 02 2007 when a blog writer from, Anuradha Sengupta(now fondly called as pig in the replies to her blog) was chosen to be the scapegoat for this cheap gimmick.

They put up a review of tamil movie Sivaji. There is nothing wrong in reviewing a movie and putting a bad review to it but what was disheartening is that the esteemed lady does not understand Tamil and she chose to see the movie in a theatre with no subtitles. Which means she could not understand the head and tail of the movie. Moreover, the language she used and the way she has brought out her so called “frustration” is really disgusting and is not expected out of a respectable news channel

But then, after giving it a thought and after waiting for a day, we got to understand the real purpose of the blog. By wednesday July 03,2007 the number of replies to the blog stand at 965 . Now a computer prodigy can tell as to how much traffic this could have created in the site. Hence, in a day due to Sivaji the popularity of the site grew . So apart from the 150 crores sivaji is supposed to make, this goes as an additional credit to the movie.

A small request to In future if you want to increase the traffic , we have some other wonderful suggestions which cannot be disclosed in public. There are lot of sites which generate more traffic .( Hope you got which sites we mean here).

A rotten apple spoils the entire basket. Hope, continues to remain what it was a couple of days back.

Sincerely hope none of the other news channel follow suit.

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