Thursday, July 5, 2007

CNN-IBN Blog: down down2

This is in reply to the below blog in CNN-IBN.

To answer your questions one by one:

1)We agree that you did not review the film. may be you are not supposed to do also. but you have no rights to call all those who waych sivaji pigs. including yourself into that category doesn’t make it any less offensive.

2)It is not about the regional films thing. just one question on this. which is the film in any god forsaken language which generated this much hype.which was multiplied by all the news channel including CNN-IBN.

3)We are not only protecting Rajnikanth the person. We are out there to protect Rajnikanth the actor as well. For your kind information Rajnikant is a very good actor. If you want proofs for this I would suggest you watch some of the old movies by Rajnikant (for your kind information Rajnikant has also won national awars) and in Sivaji also he has done enough hard work at the age of 58 and the mere fact that the entire movie stands on his able shoulders shows his status.

4)If you can call all who watched Sivaji as pigs then you better watch out and protect yourself from these pigs.

5)Making money is not a bad thing for films and if you are of the belief that whichever movie is not making money is good then i am sorry you are in an absolute minority. The very logic behind pointing out that Sivaji made money was that it has reached so many people and so many people have liked it to watch it shelling out so much money from their pockets.

6)You can understand the story of the movie without knowing Tamil, agreed. But what about the dialoghes of the movie and the healthy comedy track of the movie. If you don’t know that dialoghes are the highlight of a Rajnikanth movie then I am need to do some more homework before you see a next Rajnikant film.

7)Well at least now you appreciate things. Thanks. The same energy is being shown by Rajni and all those who were a part of Sivaji. Pls try to appreciate them as well.

8)Well we agree and sincerely hope this is true.

Pls try not to hurt in future.

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